I am QwkSilver
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I've given you a business card and now you are here. 
Here is the information you need to help you remember and find me.

I have been active in the fetish community since 2002. Durring that time I have worked several events including Trauma & Drauma at the Bluestone, Sexapalooza 2016 & 2013. I've been doing photography since 2006. I've been learning Contact Staff as a form of FlowArts since spring 2010. I've been a part of the AcroYoga Community since November 2014.

During Trauma/Drauma I have worked as both a Photographer and a Rigger with the "Bondage by Kevin" Experience on the White Room Balcony.
During Sexapalooza I have done demponstration suspension, and electrical play demo with the violet wand.

I love doing restrictive, decorative, and suspension bondage. I love photography, and will work TFP, especially when combining the photo work with another love. I really enjoy AcroYoga, Contact Staff, and am looking to explore contact improve soon.

For copies of any event photography, or to set up a studio session, you can contact me via Facebook Messaging or Fetlife Message.
If you want more information about the fetish communities in Columbus contact me at FetLife.
For more information on AcroYoga please look at Columbus AcroPlay on Facebook
For more information on Fire/LED FlowArts Communities, Contact me on Facebook